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Soft Skills
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Canadian Workplace Practices

Workplace Relationships


  • Understand and work within the dynamics of a team
  • Recognize your own and others' contributions
  • Clarify team (& individual) goals & ground rules
  • Accept and provide feedback in a constructive and considerate manner
  • Be flexible; respect and be open to & supportive of the thoughts, opinions, and contributions of others
  • Acknowledge people's diversity, individual differences and perspectives
  • Lead or support when appropriate - motivating the group in the process - follow through
  • Participate in team activities (both formal & informal)

Skills Check-List

  • Identify the roles in the group, including my own
  • Plan and make decisions with others
  • Contribute/share key information and ideas to the discussion, activity or project
  • Show empathy - understand others' needs, opinions, and points of view
  • Cooperate with others to achieve the group's goals
  • Deal with differences within the group with respect
  • Actively participate in the activities of the group and share the successes
  • Provide leadership to the group, if necessary, by motivating the others, taking the initiative, keeping everyone involved and encouraging the group to adapt to change
  • Going along with the group's decision
  • Accurately read situations and relationships in order to effectively deal with others and get the work done
  • Contribute to an enjoyable work environment