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Laser Safety

Instructor: Nikolay Stoev, President, Valkom Laser Consulting

About the Course

The course provides information on development and implementation of a laser safety program for users of medium and high power lasers and laser systems.

Beginning with a brief overview of the major safety issues of laser use and the most frequent causes of laser injuries, this course provides the participants with an in-depth understanding of the principles of laser safety. The content is based on the provisions of the ANSI standard Z136.1: 2000 For Safe Use of Lasers, which is accepted by the Ontario Ministry of Labour as the "de facto" laser safety standard in the province. The course covers the variety of beam and non-beam hazards associated with the use of lasers, as well as the control measures applicable to the different classes of lasers in order to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury. It also includes a summary of typical findings from laser safety audits. The course provides valuable information on the various approaches available to protect the users and other personnel. It provides guidance for laser hazard evaluations including NHZ (Nominal Hazard Zone) analysis and examples of MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) calculations. A step-by-step approach guides through the use of engineering, administrative and procedural controls, use of standard operating procedures, possible alternative controls and personal protective equipment. A section focusing on accident case studies is included to illustrate the accident statistics and to provide a lesson to learn from.

Who Can Benefit?
The course is intended for Laser Safety Officers or engineers, technologists and technicians who are responsible for the laser safety program, evaluation of hazards, implementation of control measures, or any others who are directed by management to obtain a thorough knowledge of laser safety.