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Photonics Simulation Tools for Biophotonics:
The FDTD Approach Applied to Light Scattering from Bio-Cells

Dr. Stoyan  Tanev, Photonics and Biophonics Program Manager, Vitesse Re-SkillingTM Canada Inc.

About the Course

This course will demonstrate to participants the power of the Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Approach when applied to biophotonics problems. Participants will have the opportunity to be familiarized with a state-of-the-art photonics simulation tool: OptiFDTD from Optiwave Corporation.

Who Can Benefit?

1. Biotechnology professionals and managers seeking to expand their skills and company expertise into the rapidly developing area of biophotonics and medical diagnostics.

2. Photonics/Biophonics specialists, researchers and instructors interested in the application of the FDTD method and photonics simulations tools in biophotonics.

3. Professionals, managers and decision-makers in the photonics industry looking to expand into the medical diagnostics and biotechnology fields.

Course Content

1. Introduction to optics and Maxwell's equations
2. Introduction to the FDTD method
3. Simulation of basic optical phenomena with FDTD
4. Basic features of biological tissue optics
5. Light scattering properties of biological cells
6. Effects of cellular morphology on the light scattering patterns
7. Bio-electromagnetic applications of the FDTD method