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What Companies are saying…

John Millard, Chairman, SiGe Microsystems Systems (Former President & CEO, Mitel Corp.)
"Vitesse is modeled after a very successful program of re-skilling ™ degreed people who are dissatisfied with their present career and are interested in a future in computer science and engineering. It requires a high degree of cooperation between industrial and educational organizations. During my tenure as CEO of Mitel, we sponsored and hired more than 25 people from the program and we found it to be one of the best sources of bright and innovative employees."

Dr. Claudine Simson, Vice-President, Global Technology Research and Intellectual Property, Nortel
"Vitesse provides an ideal program to re-train people in traditional science and engineering disciplines to meet the skills needs of high-technology companies in today's rapidly changing environment. The potential impact and value of this investment can be significant."

Don McIntyre, Vice-President, Human Resources, Mitel Corporation
"We are very happy with the program. Our candidates are still in the learning mode, but they are doing real work and clearly have the potential to make contributions."

Terry Matthews, Chairman & CEO, Newbridge Networks
"The Vitesse program is the type of program that should be fully supported by government because it meets critical industry needs."

Geoff Smith, Vice-President, R&D, Mitel Corporation
"Their dedication and determination has really impressed us. This program allows both the new graduate and ourselves to see where they can best fit. We can then tailor them to our needs. That allows them to be much more productive in a certain area in which we need that skill."

"A lot of these people, who did not have jobs before, see this as a tremendous opportunity for them and I think they are quite thankful to Mitel for what we've done."

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