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Written Communication in the Workplace

Keeping your ideas focused - ability to write clear concise reports, e-mails, and memos appropriate to the audience -e.g.

  • Technical reports that provide essential information quickly and clearly for a diverse group of readers and focus on solutions, not problems
  • Business letters, customer service letters that speak diplomatically and naturally without a form-letter feel
  • Memos that inform concisely and request persuasively
  • E-mail that focuses on an objective and presents a professional image

Skills Check-List

  • Use correct grammar when I write
  • Clearly express my thoughts, ideas and opinions in writing
  • Change writing style to suit different audiences (e.g. customers, friends, co-workers, and supervisors)
  • Create a variety of written documents such as letters, memos, messages, emails and reports
  • Proofread and edit my own work for spelling, grammar, and missing information
  • Summarize information I have read or heard in my own words
  • Document and illustrate ideas, including the appropriate use of charts, tables, and graphs