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Canadian Workplace Practices


The Vitesse Canadian Workplace Practices workshop offers several soft skill modules to help new Canadians deal with the cultural differences between Canadian practices and the practices of their previous home nation.



To provide internationally trained professionals with a program that permits efficient communication of an individual’s technical strengths in the process of finding employment. 



This program will enable internationally trained professionals to:

§          Better understand the Canadian workplace culture – daily practices and expectations

§          Learn to work in culturally diverse work situations

§          Enhance ability to work in teams

§          Strengthen presentation and communication skills


The Vitesse Canadian Workplace Practices workshop is directed towards Canadian newcomers whose self-assessment testing suggests the need to upgrade their soft skills. 



$50.00 + GST/module

$200.00 + GST for all 5 modules


Maximizing the workplace efficacy of new and existing ‘knowledge workers’ often demands a co-requisite set of ‘performance skills’ to complement technical expertise. Following a
self- assessment individuals register for only those elements that address identified soft skill and acculturation gaps from the following Vitesse Soft Skill modules:

Module 1: Workplace Behaviours
Monday, July 9, 2004

-          Values and norms in the Canadian workplace

-          Workplace responsibilities

-          Getting started in a new job – expectations, obligations, and needs 

-          Introduction to work ethics and working relationships in Canada

-          Balancing work and personal needs in Canada

-          Self-Management/Self-Esteem

Module 2: Workplace Relationships
Tuesday, July 10, 2004

-          Working as part of a team and team building in a diverse workplace

-          Receiving and providing feedback

-          Evaluations and peer support

-          Supervisors and managers

-          Participating in team activities –cultural differences

-          Strategies for overcoming cultural differences and resolving conflicts

-          Employee support resources


Module 3:  Oral Communication in the Workplace
Wednesday, July 11, 2004
-          Questioning and listening skills
-          Providing and receiving feedback
-       Jargon and workplace idioms

-          Meetings

-          Formal and informal discussions

-          Communication etiquette (voice mail, telephone practices)


Module 4: Written Communication in the Workplace

Friday, July 13, 2004

-          Introduction to written communication in the workplace - including memos, reports and e-mails

-         Ability to write clearly, concisely and directed to the appropriate audience

-          Formal and informal discussions

Module 5: Effective Presentations
Wednesday, July 18, 2004
Informal and formal presentations

-          Planning a presentation

-          Asking and responding to questions

-          Visual aids

-          Body language



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