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Soft Skills
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Canadian Workplace Practices

Workplace Behaviour


  • Be accountable, motivated and confident
  • Deal with people, problems and situations with honesty, integrity and personal ethics
  • Recognize your own and other people's good efforts
  • Show interest, initiative and effort
  • Set goals and priorities balancing work and personal life
  • Learn from your mistakes; be willing to continuously learn and grow - assessing personal strengths and areas for development
  • Be innovative, resourceful and open to change
  • Manage time effectively; efficiently multi-task

Skills Check-List

  • Establish realistic goals and make plans for meeting them, readjusting where necessary
  • Manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and being able to efficiently multi-task
  • Show initiative by looking for what needs to be done
  • Producing quality work without constant supervision and understanding areas requiring improvement
  • Following through - taking responsibility - being accountable
  • Treating situations and others fairly
  • Respecting confidentiality
  • Seeing opportunity in change and diversity - trying new things
  • Able to respond/adapt to the unexpected and deal positively with suggestions from others
  • Maintaining a sense of humour
  • Respectfully interacting with others from diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Managing/balancing work and life activities
  • Belief in your ability to face problems and challenges
  • Respecting the impact of your experiences, actions and choices
  • Accepting credit for things I have done well
  • Recognizing strengths and limitations
  • Relying on my strengths and knowledge to make decisions even in difficult situations
  • Forming positive personal and professional relationships and networks