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What is Re-skilling?
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Are you a Professional Seeking a Career Change?

Re-Skilling™ acknowledges and builds on your existing academic and industry experiences - allowing you to augment existing degrees in traditional science and engineering disciplines with leading edge combined with areas of retraining preferably work term placements in front-line high tech companies. All of this occurs within a relatively short-time.

From intensive short courses to fully sponsored fast track degree-eligible programs, Vitesse has a learning solution that will redirect your career path towards the incredible job opportunities in the Canadian market.

Our Employer Sponsors looking for recruits in area like Mobile Computing, Clean Technology and Biotechnology provide work term projects that allow you to apply innovative approaches through the cross-fertilization of skills. Working with your Company Mentor and the Academic Advisor at the participating College or University, you will develop a curricular game plan that will tailor your skills to meet the needs of the sponsoring company.

Since the original program was delivered in 1997, we have broadened the opportunities for employers and individuals by developing Soft Skills Performance Programs and Personal Enhancement / Enrichment Programs to complement hard skills acquired in the Core Technical Programs. Participants in these programs develop skills such as language and leadership abilities to increase or accelerate their employability.