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Application Process

Q. Is there an application form?
A. Yes, there is an application form that requires the following attached documentation: a covering letter, resumé and original university transcripts. Applications should not be submitted until a formal "call for application" is made on this website or in local newspapers.

Q. Are there any deadlines for application?
A. The deadline will be given in the "call for application" or in the advertisement in local newspapers.

Q. Is a photocopy (rather than an original) of an academic transcript acceptable?
A. Original transcripts are required for the application. In exceptional cases, certified copies may be accepted if prior confirmation from the program administration has been obtained.

Q. Is there a course outline/description?
A. Yes, a course outline will be made available to the selected candidates who will be able to choose courses currently offered by the participating universities/colleges.

Q. Where is the application submitted and can applications be submitted by electronic mail or facsimile?
A. Application forms sent by fax or e-mail will not be considered. Only applications sent by mail to the following address will be considered:

Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc.
1200 Montreal Road, Building M-50, Room B235 B,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6

Q. What happens after I complete my training?
A. Because Employers have already identified a resource shortage or skills need before sponsoring a participant, all partipants to date have been hired by the sponsoring comanies upon graduation. However, companies are not obliged to hire their sponsored candidates, and candidates are not obliged to accept employemtn from the sponsoring company.

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Selection Criteria

Q. What type of academic average should I have to be accepted into the program?
A. The selection committee will determine the exact average based on the applications received and the number of participants required for the round. In the past, the average has been over 80%.

Q. Is the Vitesse Program aimed only at those holding recently awarded degrees in Science or Engineering?
A. The date of graduation is generally not a limiting factor for the application.

Q. What is the selection process?
A. Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc. pre-screens all applications. Then, a selection committee composed of Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc., university/college and company- representatives reviews all applications and short lists candidates for interviews. The participating companies conduct interviews to select candidates. Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc. makes the selection in consultation with the companies to prepare a final list of selected candidates.

Q. What is the admission criteria for foreign-trained engineers verses Canadian-trained engineers?
A. There are no distinctions made between foreign-trained or Canadian-trained engineers. The candidates are expected to have excellent academic credentials and their transcripts are used for the selection criteria. All candidates must be eligible to work in Canada and possess necessary immigration papers.

Q. Would an English translation of foreign academic transcripts be accepted?
A. Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc. will only accept notarized English translations from recognized authorities.

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Program Fees/Funding

Q. Does the tuition fee include textbooks and learning material? What are the costs for these?
A. The tuition does not include textbooks and learning material. The exact costs of this will depend on the courses selected and may be a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Q. Can this program be covered under OSAP?
A. No, the Vitesse program fees cannot be covered through OSAP.

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Program Incentives

Q. What recognition will be given for the completion of the program?
A. A certificate will be awarded to the candidates who successfully complete the program.

Q. After completion of the Vitesse program, will I be able to continue further studies in computer science/engineering or software programming at the participating universities?
A. The courses for the Vitesse Program are considered acceptable credits towards any degree program at the universities. The participating universities will provide exemptions for courses taken in accordance with the standard procedure for admission to a degree-level program.

Q. Has the program been successful in placing students with full-time jobs?
A. So far the program placement rate has been 100%. This may change as needs vary from company to company. Individual performance is critical to any placement.

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