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Finance Information
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Who pays for what...
Expense AllocationParticipantSponsor
Tuition fees for long term core technical skills programs (alternating work, study terms)
Tuition fees for intensive short courses, seminars, series
Tuition fees for Personal Enhancement/Enrichment Programs
Tuition fees for all Soft Skills Performance Program modules
Stipends paid during work terms 
Application fees 
Living expenses during re-skilling™ 
Relocation costs 
Books, Supplies, Study Materials

* Note: Depending on the situation, some costs are born entirely by the participant, the employer sponsor, or on a shared basis

Budget Planning

Interactive Budget Planning Ideas

Vitesse is not directly involved in decision making around budgeting, student awards or loans. This document serves only as a reference guide. Students are responsible for ensuring that their financial needs are looked after and must deal directly with applicable financial aid offices /financial institutions.

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