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What Public Organizations and Governments are saying…

Hon. Herb Gray, Chair of the Canadian Section of the International Joint Commission

"The Ottawa Regional Forum's Vitesse program, which is a very exciting approach to meeting the need for more software engineers, is something to be celebrated. It is not merely a potential solution to a specific problem, but, more importantly, it demonstrates a willingness to work together and to try innovative ideas."

Dr. Arthur J. Carty, President, National Research Council

"This program has unearthed a resource in graduates in science and engineering who are not software engineers but who, with retraining, can become highly qualified in that area and therefore very appropriate for the jobs that are vacant."

"I think it is a unique collaboration considering the enormous competition in the private sector for people. We have received positive feedback both locally and nationally. Everybody thinks this is an excellent concept. We have a belief that the Vitesse program, with a mission to re-skill, re-train people, qualified people from one discipline to another, can meet the needs of industry and help in the balance of supply and demand."

Michael Darch, 1997/98 Chairman, Ottawa Economic Development Corporation (OED)

"Vitesse has proven to be a cost-effective way to turn the near-miss candidates into people who fit the needs of industry."