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Skills Shortage Solutions
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Employer Sponsors

It is not necessarily a shortage of Canadian workers - but a shortage of workers with the appropriate skill sets. 'Currency' equates to employability in today's workforce. Given the pace of change - this equates to a constant necessity for upskilling and invites companies and individuals to address skill gaps with action.

Vitesse programs provide highly skilled resources, custom trained to your needs, for less than traditional recruiting costs.

  • fast-track retooling of candidates to meet immediate & emerging industry needs
  • equally applicable to internally or externally sourced candidates
  • provides opportunity for on-the-job industry assessment
  • improve retention rates - reduce turnover

Whether you are recruiting for a 5- or 5000-person organization, by becoming an Employer Sponsor, the Vitesse alternative to traditional recruiting gives you access to an exceptional talent pool enhanced by skills addressing your current resource and project needs.

Employer Sponsors are organizations Vitesse partners with seeking alternative methods for recruiting resources for their hi-tech organization. They accept the responsibility to:

Select candidates from the pre-screened Vitesse external pool.
Note: Candidate selection is not limited to external sources – you may already have proven employees who with re-skilling™ will perfectly match your resource needs.

Designate a company mentor.
The mentor will work the selected candidate(s) and the academic advisor from the educational institute offering the most applicable program to construct a course of studies tailored to meet your specific needs.

Provide challenging and appropriate work term projects in your organization.
Upon completion of these projects, graduates are familiar with your organizations and are work ready if you offer them employment.

Your Investment

The cost of sponsorship ranges from stipends paid during work terms to full tuition plus stipends depending on the program required for your candidate(s). For detailed cost information email us at info@vitesse.ca.