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Fast Track Programs
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Since 1996, Vitesse has worked as a catalyst with educational institutions and industry - eclectically drawing on existing education & training opportunities to respond to industry needs through a fast-track co-operative approach. The model provides participants a dynamic mix of revitalizing academics and immediate industry application.

The program brings additional students into existing courses while providing vital links to industry mentors who help to tailor programs that meet existing sector demands.

Utilizing a triad process - Vitesse unites Academic Advisors and Company Mentors in providing guidance and support to Vitesse program participants throughout their retraining - ensuring a relevant pursuit of studies that enhances not only the individual's knowledge and skill set but their workplace 'capital'.

The overall process acknowledges an individual's prior learning (academic and professional experiences) - providing a significant knowledge upgrade (& work term exposure) within a shortened 12-16 month 'window'.