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Vitesse promotes innovative talent development for the knowledge-based economy


Vitesse is strategically positioned to be at the confluence of Education, Industry and Government, bringing together the needs and capabilities of each to the other.


The Vitesse idea started in 1993 at NRC and then registered as a non-profit organization in 1998 through a partnership among the National Research Centre, University of Ottawa and Carleton University. 


Vitesse provides agile education that networks post-secondary institutions across Canada with key industry players and senior government agencies to develop and deliver leading-edge skill development programs which ensure that Canadian business can remain highly competitive in the global knowledge economy.


Vitesse created its innovative business concept around “Re-Skilling” and obtained seven international registration for “Re-Skilling” as its Registered Trade Mark. Re-skilling is a strategic investment that ensures a constant source of skills to satisfy changing industry and organizational needs. It is a commitment to continual learning that meets education requirements of a diverse workforce.


We have delivered our services across Canada and across sectors with some global cooperation and reach.  We are now growing our widely accepted model to become a world-class organization with the ultimate vision helping to create a strong economy based on innovation.